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About us and Chinese New Year in Lancaster

Hello everyone,


We are POPBER! We wish you a happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐恭喜发财!


We are Percy and Josh and both of us has just graduated from Lancaster University in July 2021.


After spending 3 years in this city, we started to fall in love with the community here, people here have a strong community spirit. During the pandemic, we decided to take video interviews for different local shops for free to let people know more about Lancaster and promote their businesses. We have filmed and published around 100 videos online. We were trying to use our abilities to help them when they needed it.


Our aim is to help the Lancaster community to develop in positive ways and grow the economy together. This city has a strong community and great potential, all we need to do is make more people know about it. We believe Lancaster will be better if everyone in the city is willing to involve in here.


Chinese New Year is coming! organizing this festival because the focus of CNY is “Reunion and Blessings”. We believe everyone needs that, especially during the pandemic. As we are Chinese, we want to share our cultures with different people and celebrate our biggest festival of the year with everyone!

The Chinese New Year Festival in Lancaster has few main factors. 1. Traditional Chinese lanterns will be hanging around the town. 2. Chinese variety show on Saturday 5th February 2022. 3. Chinese New Year Carnival in the town on 6th February 2022. 4. Discounts, special offers and Chinese decorations in the businesses across the city. 5. Playing Chinese films in the Duke cinema.

This festival will not let you down! Please check out more information on this website and Facebook.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Chinese New Year Festival!

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